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breakthroughs in the science of waves and nature and a few other mysteries of the universe.
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Check the awesome perspective of
Wave Nature available only to surfers:

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There is now a math system that simply provides new solutions, more information and clears up many mysteries of Quantum Theory and Relativity,
and it's also very useful in Engineering and Conmputer graphics.
Click here for science and math of the Wave Nature of the Universe.

Many scientific breakthroughs are easier to understand by using the simpler particle nature, such as:
Why is it important for your body to produce more nitric oxide?

Click Here to see what Kimball's Biology Pages has to say about Nitric Oxide and why the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded in 1998 for research breakthroughs about it.

Kimball's Biology Pages is a free online biology textbook - with useful entries on everything from Apoptosis to Zygote -
produced by Harvard University Immunology Professor John W. Kimball.

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There is also lots of free biochemistry information about Nitric Oxide and many other biochemistry subjects at:

The Medical Biochemistry Pages
by Dr. Michael W. King, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Indiana University School Medicine

A better understanding of the
Wave Nature of our pulse can save lives.
Click here to learn about Digital Pulse Wave Analysis

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