Welcome to my private web site
where we explore some of the
greatest mysteries of math & science
utilizing unique approaches that can be understood by
advanced high school level mathematics students
that clear up some of the very complicated
modern concepts of theoretical physics

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Watch how simple math can put Motion into the Heart Equation
Click Here for the video

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Video #1

"Imaginary Numbers Breakthrough to Reality"

Imaginary Numbers are not really "imaginary"
It's just that they have been hiding.
Where to find "imaginary" numbers on the "real" plane!
This should be understandable by pre-trigonometry students.


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Video #2
"A Major Breakthrough in Modern Mathematics"

We will learn about a very important
missing piece of math fundamentals
that has been shown to simplify some of the 
exotic math techniques in common usage today.
This video will apply some basic trigonometry
and will expand on the results of Video #1.

Video #2 is almost ready to post.
Several more videos are being planned now.
In some of these videos will have a bit of calculus.
I will post info about them when they are almost ready.

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